Genesis Wedding Vows

Genesis 2: 22-24

By Anna Lynn Sibal

(Spouse's name), as God gave Eve to Adam to become his helper, I believe that God has placed the two of us in each otherís lives so we could help each other grow in His love. In the time that I have known you before this day, you have done so much more than help me. You have inspired me, taught me, even enlightened me. My days with you I believe are like what days must be in Godís heaven.

I love you, (spouseís name), and I promise to be more than just your helpmate in the faith, but also to be your lover, your steadfast supporter, the provider of your needs, and your best friend. I promise to love you and cherish you, to respect and protect you for as long as I live, regardless of the obstacles and challenges that come our way, until death do us part.