Heartfelt Wedding Vows

Heartfelt Wedding Vows Make Your Wedding More Special

By Lynn Lopez

Ah, wedding vows. You might have been stressed with all the wedding details like the gowns and flowers and the venue for your reception, but none of those count when you consider what is really the most important part of your wedding day.
Getting married is not about looking like a white-clad princess surrounded by lovely flowers in a fairytale setting; it’s all about a union of two hearts and making an everlasting promise. Your wedding vows will emphasize this strongly and it’s up to you how to approach this.

Nowadays, couples are departing from the traditional “to-have-and-to-hold” wedding vow and opting to go with ones that are much more personal and meaningful. Creating your own wedding vows can be more challenging than simply repeating the traditional vows after the officiant, but there is no doubt that they are a lot more special and intimate, especially if you write them from the heart.
Here are some guidelines for you to follow in writing your own wedding vows:

    Don’t be afraid to open your heart. This is the perfect time for you to tell your husband-to-be how special he is to you, what your best memories are of him, and what you look forward to in your new life together.

    Consider including some lines from your favorite book, movie, poem, or song.

    Don’t be afraid to have a little fun with your vows. A little humor always gives people a lift, and if you’re the kind of couple that is always in a fun and silly mood, amusing jokes and anecdotes inserted in your vows can really reflect your personalities.

    Take some time to sit down and think about what you love best about your husband-to-be. This can get you started on crafting the perfect wedding vow.

    Once you’ve written it down, read it aloud and time yourself. It shouldn’t be long and rambling, and you wouldn’t want your guests’ attention to wander while you’re sharing all your emotions with your partner.

    You might want to think about memorizing your vows instead of hanging onto a card or a piece of paper during the ceremony. This will come off as more sincere and you will definitely be able to look into your man’s eyes as you say all the things you want to tell him.

Wedding vows should always flow from the heart, so don’t hold back! Your wedding day is a great chance for you to tell your partner—and the rest of the world—just how much he means to you.

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