Traditional Wedding Vows Are Popular

Even though we live in a world of change, there are some things that remain the same. People still fall in love, couples still get married and weddings still remain the most romantic occasion that couples share.

Weddings vary in so many ways. While some couples have quaint little weddings in churches, with an organist and a few flower girls, other couples get married on the beach without shoes and have a live band to help them celebrate their love. Both weddings end with the same results, couples happily married starting their life together. One thing that many couples do share, are traditional wedding vows.

Although some men and women choose to write their own vows, most people use the traditional vows. Not that they are lazy or donít feel that they can write something unique, it is just that the traditional wedding vows are what we have heard our whole life. They are used in weddings on television, movies and even in novels. Saying them is something many women wait their whole life to do.

Traditional wedding vows are sentimental and seem to cover every topic that a good marriage should be based on. The traditional vows start out promising to take thee from this day forward, for better or worse, and in sickness and in health. These topics should be what all marriages are based on. In other words, when the going gets rough, donít bail out on me.

The vows also state that you will love and cherish that person from this day forward for the rest of your life. Meaning that from that very moment in front of God and everyone you are promising to love them for the rest of your years on this Earth. These vows should be taken seriously. They should be said with sincerity and honesty. If you arenít certain, do not say them. Too many people are using divorce as an excuse to get out of a marriage if it doesnít work out. If everyone would take there vows a little more seriously, then there would be less divorce and more happy marriages. Traditional wedding vows are beautiful and meant to be cherished, just as you cherish the person that you are saying them to.