Wedding Vows Renewal

By Anna Lynn Sibal

In these days, the sanctity of marriage is always met by challenges from all sides. Many married couples just choose to give up and break up rather than resolve their differences. And so, when a couple stays married and reaches a landmark anniversary like, say, five or ten years, it is always a cause for celebration, simply it is rare for couples to stay married that long nowadays.

When a couple reaches a landmark anniversary, they often choose to commemorate it with a ceremony of renewal of vows. Of course, reaching a landmark anniversary is not the sole reason why couples may want to have a renewal of vows ceremony. It could be other things. It could be because they did not have the kind of wedding that they wanted the first time around, or the wedding they had was met with disaster and they want to do something more special and something that will be remembered positively. Another reason why a couple would want a renewal of vows ceremony is that they want to reaffirm the promises they made on their wedding day after facing a major crisis in their married life.

What is nice about a vow renewal ceremony is that there are no more rules that need to be followed, unlike a wedding ceremony. The couple can go about it however they want. They do not even need someone to act as an officiant for the vow renewal ceremony; they can just stand in front of the people whom they have invited to celebrate with them and recite the promises that would reaffirm their marriage.

Below are a few examples of vows recited in a renewal of vows ceremony.

Vows For Anniversaries.

My beloved (spouse’s name), ten years ago today, I gave you my promise of love and commitment. I vowed to you that I shall love you and honor you, give you the support and the strength that you need, and the respect that you so deserve for the rest of our lives together. Through good times and through bad times, we have been together for all those ten years as we raised a family and built a life that is ours.

I am grateful and honored that you are standing before me here today, with your hand clasped in mine, with your love for me remaining as overwhelmingly beautiful as it have always been. I love you, and I thank God above that you are still with me after all these years.

And now, I stand before you, ten years after I first promised you my everything, to reaffirm every word of that promise. Once again I pledge to you my love and commitment, my heart and my soul, to love and honor you, to give you the support and strength and everything else that you need and to respect you for all the days of my life, for all eternity.

Vows After a Time of Crisis.

(Spouse’s name), five years ago, I promised to have you and to hold you, to love and cherish you for better and for worse, in sickness and in health until death did us part. It is my great regret that I broke this promise that I have made you on our wedding day and it saddens me that I have hurt you, the one that I love, the one true constant, the most beautiful thing that ever happened in my life. I am sorry to have caused you pain and I am grateful that despite all this, you have chosen to forgive me and to forget.

I love you, (spouse’s name), and only you. And before all those dear to us, I renew the vows I have spoken to you on our wedding day. I promise to love and cherish you and only you, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, until death does us part.