Wedding Vows for Second Wedding

By Anna Lynn Sibal

As sad as it may seem, marriages do come to an end. Either it is because the married couple decide to part ways, amicably or otherwise, due to differences that surfaced in the course of the marriage and which could no longer be bridged, or because one half of the couple passed away. Wedding vows do entail promises to stay together for the rest of the couple’s lives, but divorce and death of a spouse are realities that we do get to face from time to time.

There is nothing to stop a divorced person or a widow/widower from finding love the second time around. There is nothing to stop him or her from marrying this new love that came to his or her life either. Second weddings often take a far different meaning than the first one, regardless of how the first one ended. Thus, many couples wherein it would be a second wedding for one or both parties involved choose to write their vows for their second wedding. This is simply because personalized vows are more meaningful, the way second weddings often hold a different level of meaning for most people. If such is your case, how do you write wedding vows for a second wedding?

The process involved in writing wedding vows for a second wedding is not any different from writing vows for a first wedding. You would still need to talk to your spouse-to-be on what kind of vows he or she wants, as well as if personalized vows are allowed by your religion. You would also still need to reflect on what you should say in your wedding vows. Even the structure is the same.

However, in writing wedding vows for a second wedding, you may want to emphasize just how grateful you are for finding a chance at love and happiness that will last you a lifetime for the second time. Never compare your spouse-to-be to your former spouse, and do not focus on the flaws and follies of your first marriage, if there are any. Just embellish on how happy you are that you found love and happiness once again in your life.

If one or both of you are bringing children from previous marriages or relationships into this marriage, it would be a great idea to include the children in the wedding vows. Extend the promises to love, care and respect your spouse to his or her children from a previous marriage. Underline the point that with this second marriage comes the blending of two families and from it the creation of one new family. It would also be a great idea to have the children stand with you as you and your intended recite these wedding vows to each other on your wedding day.

If the two of you are middle-aged people or seniors who have just discovered a chance to spend the twilight years of your life in the company of someone you respect, then emphasize on how happy you are that you do not have to be alone in the autumn of your life.

Second weddings have a vastly different meaning from first weddings. It is always great to put the spotlight on just want this meaning is to you as you recite your vows for your second wedding.